Eco friendly, natural, cruelty free household cleaning

Over the past year I’ve been working towards using only eco-friendly, natural and cruelty free products to clean our flat.

There are several brands now widely available in the big supermarkets as an alternative to  the conventional brands and they work perfectly. They can be a little pricier (mainly because they tend not to be on offer and we always used to buy whatever was). However, they also mean you’re avoiding all of the chemicals in conventional products.

I’ve found the best brands to be Method and Ecover (which are available at the big supermarkets) and also Bio (which is available at Oxfam charity shops). Bio is actually really reasonably priced too. Amongst these brands I’ve managed to get hold of everything from surface spray, toilet cleaner, washing up liquid, washing powder and fabric conditioner, furniture polish, glass cleaner and even limescale remover. All of these brands are more eco-friendly and natural than conventional products and they are all cruelty free.


Bio put its perfectly when they say, ‘we believe it is possible to have effective, natural and safe cleaning products that don’t cost the earth. You have nothing to lose, our world has everything to gain.

Another great habit to get into is using microfiber cloths and washing them for re-use instead of using single use cloths or wipes. Not only is this cheaper after a few uses, it also greatly reduces your waste. They also work really well for cleaning.

You can also go old school and use items like lemon juice, white wine vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. I use white wine vinegar instead of rinse-aid in the dishwasher now and it works really well. Newspaper is also great for cleaning mirrors.


The only item I’m struggling to find a good alternative for is conventional dishwasher tablets – does anyone have any tips?


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