The best vegan food spots in London

It’s been a while since I last blogged.. the past few months have been really busy with training for and completing a triathlon and then moving across the country to a new house and new job! We’re now feeling really settled in our new town (Skipton) and the vegan scene here is surprisingly good! I thought now would be a good opportunity to do a blog post on the best vegan food spots in London – these are the places I will miss the most and will definitely be returning to when I go back to visit friends and family in the capital.

1. Purezza – Camden 

The most incredible pizzas – the vegan cheese they make is just magic – I cannot recommend this place enough and it is my favourite restaurant in London. Everything here is delicious but my top recommendations would be the Parmigiana Party pizza and the cheesy dough balls. They are currently planning the opening of a cheese factory, which is super exciting and hopefully means Purezza vegan cheese on shelves around the country soon!



2. Picky Wops – Fulham and Peckham

Pizza again.. but I couldn’t do this post without mentioning these guys. Their pizzas are  just delicious and you can choose from lots of interesting bases made from unprocessed flours. My favourites are the Maggie, which is a simple Margherita, and Protein Punch (pictured below). The Picky Wops guys are so passionate about what they do and so they’re always a pleasure to chat with whilst you wait for your pizza!



3. Eat Chay

Ok that’s enough pizza, next up is the incredible Vietnamese food stall, Eat Chay. Unfortunately these guys don’t have a restaurant, so you have to find them at a market. They are often at Vegan Nights (more on that below)  and other vegan markets around London as well as conventional food markets. Follow them on Instagram to find out where they will be on a particular week. Their fluffy bao buns are one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.




4. Temple of Seitan – Camden and Hackney

I bloody love this place, just what every vegan needs to satisfy their vegan junk food cravings. The popcorn chicken and the buffalo wings are the best in my opinion. But everything I’ve had here is good. It’s really reasonably priced, which means my eyes are always too big for my belly and I massively over-order and over-eat here!



5. Pamela

I’ve only been to Pamela once as it was always a bit out of the way from where I lived and worked in London – but the one time I went the food was absolutely delicious and really unique. They also have amazing cocktails! Everything they put on Instagram always looks so good, so I need to get there again when I’m next in London! They usually have a guest chef in which means you get to try something new each time you go.


6. Club Mexicana

These guys are amazing – they have a permanent residency at Dinerama in Shoreditch and at the Spread Eagle (an all vegan pub). Their tofish tacos are incredible and their deep fried cheese sticks fill the mozzarella dipper hole in my life since I went vegan!



7. Vegan Nights

And if you want to try as much as possible of the vegan food that London has to offer, get down to Vegan Nights (a monthly vegan festival held on the first Thursday of every month on Brick Lane). There is such a good vibe at Vegan Nights, it’s literally one of my favourite places. It’s always very busy – which is good and bad – good because hundreds of people are enjoying vegan food and the other clothing/lifestyle stalls – bad because the queues for the best places can take forever. I would definitely recommend going early, getting your food and then just enjoying the atmosphere. Pictured below is the mac n cheese with BBQ brisket from Lazyboy Kitchen and the ‘What’s Your Beef’ burger from Mooshies – both regulars at Vegan Nights.



I would have also added Cook Daily at Boxpark to this list, but it’s just recently closed – can’t wait to see what King Cook Daily has up his sleeve next!


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