What I ate in Berlin

In August I went on a short little holiday to Berlin – the global vegan capital!! Berlin is an amazing city, lots of interesting sights to see and touristy things to do, but it’s also a really nice place to just relax, eat and drink.

We were spoilt for choice on vegan food and will need to go back as we didn’t manage to get to even half of the places I wanted to try. Here’s my thoughts on the places we were lucky enough to visit.

1. Quy Nguyen – Vegan Living

First stop was Quy Nguyen Vegan Living for our first meal in Berlin, which we stumbled upon just around the corner from our hotel.

We had spring rolls, dumplings and a noodle soup – all really good. They also had lots of very interesting looking mocktails, one of which we tried and we had a Vietnamese iced coffee – yum!

Overall, a tasty and nutritious meal which was definitely what we needed after a morning travelling.







2. Yellow Sunshine Burger

Next up was Yellow Sunshine Burger in the East of the city. I wanted to try vegan versions of the German classics, so this place was great. We had currywurst with chips (probably one of my favourite meals in Berlin!) and a couple of burgers. I really liked this place, which specialises in vegetarian and vegan organic fast food. I could have tried so many more things on the menu and will definitely go back when I’m next in Berlin!

9/10  (10/10 if I was just marking the Currywurst!)


*Edit – Apparently Yellow Sunshine Burger has now closed down, no!! For vegan currywurst in Berlin, try Curry By the Wall instead!

3. Brammibal’s Donuts

Day two in Berlin and it had to be Brammibal’s donuts! This came out top on the replies to my Instagram story asking for recommendations. And it didn’t disappoint! We had some delicious donuts and coffee/matcha – what an amazing breakfast! Such a colourful, flavourful and gluttonous start to the day.




4. Vöner

Lunch on day two was vöner for a vegan doner – another veganised version of a Berlin classic. We shared a doner wrap with garlic sauce and some incredibly crispy chips. This was very filling, even though we shared!! Possibly partly due to the donut breakfast..




5. La Stella Nera

For our final evening in Berlin (I said it was a short trip!) we went to another top recommendation from Instagram – La Stella Nera. This place to me was the Berlin version of Purezza – incredible vegan pizza that you wouldn’t guess was vegan if you didn’t know. The vegan cheese was amazing! This place got really busy so get there early if you don’t want to queue for a table!




6. Daluma

For our final meal in Berlin we had breakfast at Daluma. This place had also been recommended by a few people. Personally, I wasn’t blown away by it, I liked the decor and atmosphere (especially the little window seats), but my acai bowl was pretty tasteless. Phil definitely ordered better and had the ‘I want it all bowl’ (pictured) which was very tasty (sharing is caring). We also (maybe stupidly) assumed the matcha latte wouldn’t automatically come with cow’s milk given it was a health food cafe with a copy of the China Study behind the till.. anyway I was impressed with myself for tasting that it was cow’s milk and had to go and order an oat milk version..





Lots of the shops selling pretzels clearly label which ones are vegan (yay!) I had this one at the airport. And for other snacks, definitely check out the vegan supermarket chain in Berlin (Veganz).



Overall amazing trip, delicious food and I can’t wait to go back!










2 thoughts on “What I ate in Berlin

  1. Yum that all looks delicious! I love that you can get vegan versions of German food! That’s exactly what I want when I’m travelling otherwise you feel like your missing out on part of the culture! I need to get back to Berlin asap 🙂

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