Vegan Junk Food Cookery Class


At the weekend, we did The Vegetarian Society’s Vegan Junk Food Cookery Class (such a good birthday present, thank you Phil!) The Vegetarian Society has a cookery school in Altrincham, Cheshire and offers lots of different courses – many vegan focused!

The cookery class was several hours long and we made so much food! The class was a mix of hands-on learning (ie. making the food ourselves following recipes) and also watching the tutors make several recipes (then eating them!)

First up, we made Korean BBQ seitan ribs – so good! And not as hard to make as I would have expected, you just need some more unusual ingredients like vital wheat gluten (available online apparently). Phil was a pro at making seitan, his was definitely better than mine – so I’ll be getting him to make that again!

We also made creamy mac n cheese (with a nutritional yeast, coconut milk, miso and onion based sauce) and loaded fries – a great addition to the Korean BBQ ribs!


Then the tutors went through technique for making mushroom and black bean burgers and vegetable ‘bacon’ – ie. aubergine, carrot and courgette thinly sliced and marinated in (amongst other things) liquid smoke, soy sauce and paprika. Of course nothing like bacon texture-wise but you can achieve the same flavours and umami.

Then last we made BBQ jackfruit pittas – it was really interesting to learn how to prepare jackfruit, which is now becoming more widely available in the supermarkets. You basically just 1) drain the jackfruit from the tin, 2) pull it apart with your fingers, 3) mix in whatever sauce or flavouring you like, and 4) heat in a frying pan for 5-10 minutes.

We left feeling very full and with boxes of food for the next few days! And of course with lots of inspiration and ideas for cooking back at home. I would definitely recommend The Vegetarian Society Cookery School and I’ll be looking to go back to do another course!


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